I've been looking for an extended warranty… I checked out 8 companies. Yours was the only one not to use high-pressure sales tactics, respond to my many emails and not try to get me to buy with coupons and gimmicks. While I hope to never need your services, [I know] you will be there. Keep up the good work.”

D. L.

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Superior Service and Support Since 1980

Warranty Direct started out as the consumer division for one of the country's largest independent providers of extended vehicle warranty plans. We were there when extended auto warranties were only sold in dealerships. We were there when you could only find out information about car warranties through word of mouth. And we were even there before vehicle service contracts became a huge online business. Perhaps it's because our roots go so deep into the industry that we don't treat extended auto warranties like just another online sale. We still treat each and every customer as though they've walked into our offices and sat down to speak with us face to face.

Of course, we love the convenience of being able to shop online for an extended auto warranty... Who doesn't? We just look at it as a relationship that goes far beyond the sale of the vehicle service plan. A lot of online businesses seem to think that once the sale is done so are they. Warranty Direct however looks back at its past and says that we want to make people customers for life. That means being there for them when they have questions, when they need to make a car repair claim, when it's time to switch to different coverage, and even when it's time to buy new extended warranty coverage for a different vehicle.

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Currently no other extended auto warranty companies are licensed and registered in all 50 states.

Warranty Direct is not one of them!

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