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Fact or Fiction-Common Home Warranty Myths

There are so many different kinds, types and levels of home warranties, that it can be hard to separate rumor from truth. We've taken a couple of the most popular warranty myths and given you the straight answer so you can make your warranty purchase with great confidence.

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MYTH - All home warranties are basically the same; just get the cheapest.

FACT - There are hundreds of different types of home warranties. Some are better that others. The only way to know how much you're getting for your money is to review the actual warranty contract. If a company won't let you see the contract, or includes questionable contract clauses, it doesn't matter what the price is.

MYTH - Home warranties mean you never have to worry about your home.

FACT - You're still expected to care for your home and provide proper maintenance. If you haven't been caring for home property you end up with alot of problems that may not be covered by your plan. Be sure not only to do the routine maintenance on your home but keep all maintenance records and receipts for your protection.


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